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This company has an attractive catalog, but they have lousy customer service. I sent in an order via snail mail the 3rd week of October, 2014. I paid for the order in full with a personal check. The check cleared my bank on October 29, 2014. Unlike many decent companies, I never got an order confirmation nor did I get any shipping confirmation. I called them 4 weeks later, and a woman said my shipment went out on Nov 7th. It was a lie! I called 2 more weeks after that, and a guy said the order was on backorder, and it went out on November 29th. I said I wanted the items as Christmas gifts, and I was running out of time. The 1st shipment finally came in on December 2nd. I am still waiting for the 2nd shipment. This outfit evidently doesn’t have most items in stock and must backorder everything. If you want your items in a decent time frame, DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM! They also have terrible customer service. .

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