Milena Cortes Valencia Boca Raton, Florida Florida


BEWARE if you run into this psychotic homewrecker. She is a scam artist from Columbia living in Boca Raton who is 32-33 years old. She manipulates older men with money who are married and takes as much money as she can get. She destroyed my family unit. || I’ve been married to my husband for over 30 years and we have children together. This crazy woman went for a 60 year old man and blackmailed him into giving her all of our savings. I’m at the age where I am supposed to retire after raising my beautiful children and this evil woman has no heart. She actually worked for my husband as his secretary and had the nerve to tell me off when I confronted her. She planned the entire thing. || DO NOT HIRE this woman anywhere. She is very destructive to any married couple. She is a heartless, cold, scam artist, and homewrecker.

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By Ronald

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