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My husband is from Africa and a lot of the women in his family were really upset that he chose to marry me because I am not. Life was truly amazing until we moved to Minnesota, the African community here is large and he has lots of family here that couldn’t mind their own business, especially his sister in law Larrydean, who calls herself a preacher, but has tried to hook my husband up with all types of African women from the moment we arrived. It got so bad that I refused to even go to her house because she is so disrespectful of our marriage. First it was her cousin Nina, then a few of her friends, until finally she found one who won’t give up named Mildred Jones, who is the reason he decided to run into divorce court and waste over $20,000 dollars trying to hurt me, listening to these women tell him that American women were no good and that he should be with someone from Africa like him. || This women is so bold, she had the nerve to call him and tell him she wanted to meet me to help me understand, understand what? That she doesn’t give a damn that this man has three children and obviously despite her early morning phone calls wants to be with his wife or he would be where she is! That she won’t accept the fact that even after our divorce we still live together with our three kids and that she not only is tearing up a marriage but a home for my children who are still young. That she is being used because my husband feels like the threat of an African women makes me nervous in some way. || This woman is so desperate that she shows up at our home and just rings the buzzer in hopes that he’ll come talk to her after she has called his phone a million times and he doesn’t answer all her messages where she cries and begs him to just talk to her or at least tell her why he won’t. As if him being married isn’t the very obvious reason. It’s really sad that she traveled all this way from Monrovia to Minnesota to try to steal someone else’s happiness, that is not what the American dream is all about. . . I think she really needs help in dealing with this reality, I will be Mrs. Goodridge until I decide to be something else!

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