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I found Mike on Craigslist several years ago. After a number of phone calls, I finally met him in person. His office was your typical “virtual office” and it was clearly not his full-time. In person Mike seems credible. Several times his answers seemed a little suspect, but considering he was willing to meet in person, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. | Mike claimed to be selling an aged shelf-corporation complete with business credit buildout. The price was 25k but and the funding was supposed to be 500k. Looking back it seems ridiculous but at the time, my partners and I decided to go for it (knowing we knew where to find Mike after). The story was/is that Mike wired the money to a broker in Florida named Addarin Smith. We were supposed to get an LLC named “Valerton Holdings” | After a couple weeks, nothing was happening so I looked up Valerton Holdings and saw it was still for sale….Wait a minute….didn’t I buy it? I called the broker selling “Valerton Holdings” and sure enough it was STILL for sale. I then looked up Addarin Smith in Florida and found a mugshot. I immediately called Mike who acted distressed and played the victim….I will spare you the rest of the story…. | Mike claimed the broker ripped him off and didnt know where to find him. Mike promised to make good and he linked us up with another broker who applied for a bunch of credit cards/loans for us (we could have done this ourselves). So now…we are saddled with a bunch of fresh new cash errrr I mean fresh new debt and Mike Lembeck thinks we will forget about the 25k? Mike ALSO claimed he wasnt taking any commission on the deal but the broker CONFIRMED that he in fact WAS…. | I finally hired private investigators to look into Mike and they confirmmed my suspicions that Mike was in fact the ONLY one involved in the 25k deal. There WAS no one in Florida, there WAS no Corporation deal it was just a 25k payday for him. We also discovered that Mike has many other victims who he has taken for the same ride. I guess it might be some consolation to me that I seem to be the BIGGEST fish that Mike has caught as most of his other scams were in the 4-6k range. | Well every now and then you catch a fish that is TOO big for your boat….That would be me….I am not going away Mike. I will not sleep till I have my money back or something I consider of equal or greater value.


  • Name: Mike Lembeck
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Newport Beach
  • Address: 4340 Van Karman Ave, Suite 200
  • Phone: (949) 326-7977
  • Website:

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