Mike Kosyla took our money like so many others Took deposit and did no work South Holland Illinois

Early in 2016 I called Granite and Kitchen Cabinetry located at 16545 State St, South Holland, IL 60473. Mike Kosyla who presented himself as the owner of the business came-out and offered an estimate for new kitchen countertops. | Mike Kosyla came recommended from someone that did work with him awhile back. I trusted the source so I didn’t think much of giving a deposit totaling 50% of the total cost of the job. | Someone from Mike Kosyla’s operation was supposed to come-out within a week to take final measurements before ordering the countertop. One week turned into two weeks, into three weeks, and finally into four weeks. Excuse after excuse why someone couldn’t come! | After someone finally came-out, I was told that installation would occur the next week, which turned into the week after that, and then the week after that, and then the week after that. Excuse after excuse again! | After two months I decided to cancel the job and asked for my deposit back. Mike tried to keep my business but gave-in and said that he’d put a check in the mail for the full amount and I’d have it early next week. The check never arrived. Each week we were given a new excuse. Week after week AGAIN! | After doing some Internet searching I found that Granite and Kitchen Cabinetry is not a licensed business and Mike Kosyla had previous businesses located at 16545 State St, South Holland, IL 60473 called Disengo Natural Stone and Construction, Stonewerks, and Granite Expo. We also found negative reviews of these businesses and positive reviews that I’m convinced are fake and posted by Mike Kosyla. I recently noticed that another business name at this location called Granite Pro is now starting to show-up on the Internet. | I’m seeking legal action to get our deposit back. I HIGHLY recommend staying-away from any business that Mike Kosyla is associated with as well as Granite and Kitchen Cabinetry or any business located at the address noted above if it’s owned by Mike Kosyla.

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