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My husband of 8 years and I had been going thru a rough time. His father passed away in July 2014 from cancer. He was not able to see his father before he passed away as he lived in another country and we did not have the financial means to get my husband to see him in time. After his father died he became very distant. He stopped talking to me about anything. Every time I asked him what was wrong he would tell me he missed his Dad. || In December 2014 he started a new job at an auto parts store. That’s where he met the slut. She’s 23. Also married. They began sharing stories about their marriages and”one thing led to another” as he put it. || I began getting suspicious in February. He was acting so strange. He would come home late from work and go straight to the shower. Locking the door behind him. He had never done that in the entire time we have been together. My suspicions grew. In April, I went out of town as I do every April to see my Mom. That’s when I knew there was someone else. While I was gone he was up at the crack of dawn leaving the house to help friends do something he would tell my son. And wouldn’t get home until late in the evening. We barely spoke to each other the 3 days I was away. He was meeting up with her in her car. That’s classy. || Anyway, in March I lost my job. For the first time in 8 years he was going to have to step up and be the man of the family as I was the one making 90% of the money in our home. Apparently the pressure became too much. He was trying to figure a way out. || He told me that he had to work out of town doing inventory one day. He left early that morning. I didn’t hear from him all day until later that evening when he sent me a text he would be home in about 20 minutes. Again, as soon as he came in the door, straight to the shower, door locked behind him. When he came out he sat at the dining room table and ate the dinner I had made for him. I pretended to go to the bathroom and stood in our bedroom watching him text someone while he ate his dinner. This went on for several minutes. I came out and stood at the end of the table watching him. He was so entranced with the text message he didn’t even notice me standing there. Until I asked him who he was text messaging. He quickly shut his tablet down and said”no one”. I said you are going to bare face lie to me when I saw you texting. He then proceeded to tell me it was Mikaela from work (not a name I had ever heard before). She was having problems with someone at her store and he was trying to help her figure out a solution. I let it go. Or so he thought. || The next morning when he got up I asked him if he wanted to tell me what was really going on. He right away started yelling at me that I’m always looking to start a fight with him. At that point I knew my suspicions were right. I told him to get his things and get out of MY house. It was mine before we were married as was everything else. He went into the closet and started getting a few of his clothes. I asked him what he was doing? He said he was only taking enough for a few days until I calmed down. I took everything out of the closet and dumped all of his stuff out of his dresser. Then I took his tablet and hid it. As he was carrying his clothes out to his truck he kept asking for the tablet. I told him that I payed for it and he wasn’t getting it. Then he asked for the SD card out of it. That’s when I knew there was something to find. When he left I started searching through the tablet and that’s when I found out that he had a bank account, I didn’t know about and several credit cards. One of which he had used to purchase a wedding ring and engagement ring in December. Not for me, I had one already. He had also purchased furniture in January. Also not for our house. Then I saw where he had purchased a cell phone while I was out of town visiting my mother. || Needless to say. He is gone! Never to return. The cell phone was for the 23 year old slut, but the rings and furniture were for the slut he had before her. (That’s a whole other story.) Anyway, I filed a legal separation. She left her husband for mine and now the 2 of them are living happily ever after with her Mom. If any one knows her husband he needs to know that she was running around on him for quite some time with my husband and I have all the proof he needs. Just in case she tries to take him for a ride. I have several naked pictures that she had been sending to my husband. That is a special kind of slut that will send naked pictures to another woman’s husband. Trash plain and simple. Just trash. || As for me, I will probably never trust another man again. Unfortunate but true. I’m ok with that. I hope he gets something from her he can’t wash off. I have heard from a few people that know her and this is not the first time she has done this. Apparently she is quite loose. Be on the lookout ladies. She has no morals and apparently neither does my”not soon enough” ex.

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