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I was charged AUS$39.00 for a service for an ETA which was not issued in time for my travel. I applied on the morning of the day I was to travel. I gave them this information before I submitted the application. Once charged I was sent an email and that redirected me back to the site and a message came up that I would have to wait up until 24 hours. nI had to go the Australian Government site where all ETA visa was approved on the spot and pay for the service again for a charge of $20. I wrote several emails asking for a refund and my requests were ignored. Instead whilst I have been in Australia Migration Expert employee called and offered a refund when I threatened to file a Ripoff Scams. nAfter waiting a week now and still not received the refund I have decided to go through with the report. I found other cases on the internet where this company has ripped off people for visas the could of obtained on government sites for much larger amounts when the traveler could of got a speedier result straight of the Government website for a fraction of the price. nI am convinced all this company does is re enter the information on the official government site and charge a ridiculous amount of money to slow the process down. On top of this data entry mistakes by Migration Expert in re-entering information can mean a rejection for the visa and the customer loosing hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a visa. nAnonymousnSydneyAustralia

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