Mig Vapor LLC. Review


Purchased a “Torpedo” dry herb vaporizer for the use of medical marijuana for nausea for a family member who is being treated for cancer. This purchase was predicated upon a MEDICAL NEED rather than for frivolous recreational use. I looked at many products but because the medical treatments have pretty much left us in financial dire straits, I chose this product as it was all we could afford. | The product did not work when we recieved it and I called the company back and explained that I needed to return it. I called them prior to returning it and even sent them an email giving them a “head’s up” and explaining the specific problems with the unit. I sent the product back to the company and someone from the company called me back WHEN THEY RECEIVED THE UNIT to get some more specifics so they could reproduce the problem. I waited for a refund to show up on my VISA statement and it did not. Needless to say they gave me the run-around stating that I should see a refund within the next 5 business days. Again I waited and nothing. | I contacted my bank and disputed the charge. MIGVAPOR/MIGCIGS.COM provided a statement to my bank stating that I had never contacted them and they never received the unit in return. I have the original email I sent to them clearly stating that I’d already contacted them by phone and that I would be returning the unit presently. Additionally, my cell phone records CLEARLY SHOW THAT I CONTACTED THE COMPANY AND THE COMPANY CONTACTED ME. So they were very clearly lying about me never contacting them. All anyone wanted to know was whether I had a receipt proving that I sent it back, which I did not unfortunately since sending something certified mail costs more money and since being financially devastated by medical bills, we’ve had to go way beyond simply pinching pennies. | The bank let the charge stand even though I provided them with EVIDENCE THAT THE COMPANY CLEARLY LIED about me not contacting them and I thought that, in light of this fact, that one could easily make the argument that since they lied about this, they most probably are lying about receiving the return! In any case, this company clearly engages in unethical business practices and NOBODY (ESPECIALLY SOMEONE WHO IS ILL AND STRUGGLING FINANCIALLY!) SHOULD DO BUSINESS FROM THESE PEOPLE!!


  • Name: Mig Vapor LLC.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Pompano Beach
  • Address: 4100 North Powerline Road Suite A 5
  • Phone: 877-394-1399
  • Website: www.migvapor.com/

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