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Complaint Details I purchased several doors from Midwest Mfg. in Fall 2014. By 2015, the doors (Special Order French Doors) were falling apart around the glass that is 3/4 of the door. The molding also turned a much lighter color. I complained to the company I purchased them from (Menards, subsidiary of Midwest Mfg.) and they told me I had to complete “Midwest Mfg.” complaint process. I completed that process in Spring 2016 and now for the last six months, I have been dealing with Midwest Mfg., which says I have to complete a “string test” on the front door to prove warping, despite the fact I sent them a picture of a level showing it was warped) and to choose a new glass for the French doors to which I have to find some “contractor” who is willing to take the door apart and replace it with new glass. In no way, do I think it is proper to sell a product and then have it fall apart and be expected to find someone to replace the glass and expect it to be the $3,000 set of doors I expected to purchase! I believe the doors should be replaced with a “comparably” priced product or refund my money. | I spent a large sum of money of these doors and don’t believe they should have fallen apart nor that I should replace the glass myself and expect a quality product after. This is absolutely ridiculous and I am getting nowhere with Midwest. In fact, It took about 15 emails before someone actually would discuss this matter over the phone; however, speaking with the manager of Midwest on the phone was still fruitless. Desired Outcome/Settlement Desired Settlement: Refund I believe the company should refund my money as I no longer want to do business with them because they do not manufacture a quality product nor back their product. If full refund is not an option, I want a completely new set of French doors at the price I paid for the initial French doors. As for the the warped Fiberglass front door, I expect a full refund or replacement door at the price I paid for the initial door.


  • Name: Midwest Manufacturing Guest Services
  • Country: United States
  • State: Wisconsin
  • City: Eau Claire
  • Address: 5311 Kane Road
  • Phone:
  • Website: www.midwestmanufacturing.com

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