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I went to Middlesex Hospital and walked into the lobby to report i had a problem with a nagging cough. I told them that I could use the Urgent Care as I did not have an emergency. I was give the location of where the urgent care was located across the street from the local home depot. If I had used the Emergency Room at the Hospital, every medical service I was provided would have been paid for. The woman who I complained to said this type of complaint happens often. She said it happens repeatedly. I was treated by a Physician Assistant Named Melissa Salonia, PA. She was fine and helped me out and I was cured after taking a prescription medicine. The central billing office number is 860-358-4820. They are not connected to all the records and doctors at the fine Middletown Hospital. This is a cash cow for them. I should have been told at the main desk in the lobby of the hospital that Urgent care is not connected electronicly and that it is a private company operation. I was shocked to receive a bill and a rejection letter from my Medicare and secondary insurance carrier. Next time I will just use the Emergency room and everything will be paid.


  • Name: Middlesex Hospital
  • Country: United States
  • State: Connecticut
  • City: Middletown
  • Address: 28 Crescent St
  • Phone: 860-358-6000
  • Website: middlesexhospital.org/

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