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Complaint: This is to expose the MIDAS and DOBBS Auto repair companies, in St. Louis, Missouri, for the Frauds and Con Artists they truely are, or want to be. (That’s if you allow yourself to be taken in by their blatant LIES.) I took the car to Dobbs and asked them to look at my brakes. I knew they needed pads and I wasn’t sure about the roters but told them to check them also. That afternoon I got a call stating that the total bill would be a whopping $860.00. The sales person said I needed pads on the front and back brakes and also roters on front and back. He then went on to say their was a leak in the hydrolic system from the anit-lock brake system and a few other little details. I told him to take the car off the rack and I would come in a get the car and not to do anything! I picked up the car and took it to Midas because I had a 10% discount coupon. I told them the same thing, check my brakes the next day, they called with a whopping total of $2,700. I couldn’t believe my ears!!! What are you fixing? He said I needed a complete rehaul of my front and back brakes and that included new tires, and that my rear axel was bent and so on and on. I said take it off the rack and I’ll be there to pick up my van. When I went to pick it up the mechanic went over everything he needed to fix and when I said No, he started backpeddling stating, “Well

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Address: to get you off this lot safely so I

Website: and I found one. Joe’s Garage on Manchester. He examined the car and said the only thing I needed was my front brake pads replaced and my front roters grinded

Phone: meaning the mechanic

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