Microtel Inn & Suites Elizabeth City North Carolina Review


I worked for MicroTel Inn & Suites 2 times. The first time I was employed the owner was Brent Meads and I had no problems. When I left it was because I got married, they provided me with a suite that night for my new husband and I and a Letter of Recommendation. A few years later we moved back to the area and I went to apply at the same Microtel but this time there were new owners. Tika and Mike Patel. They hired me based on a good word from the front desk manager who worked there when I did previously. While I was there for 6months before being wrongfully terminated they were doing so many illegal things. For one, they had a sign out front that said the rooms started at $49.99. That was not true. Our most discounted room was $53.95Plus Tax. When I asked about that and another employee mentioned that was false advertisement, they told us to give the rate only if someone asked about it. This is all documented in the front desk log. Also, there was an employee there who they wanted to fire however I was told by the front office manager Shirley Spruill that the owners were not paying unemployment compensation so they couldnt fire the girl or she could get unemployment so they cut her hours and increased ours so she would quit. Well 2 weeks before Christmas, I am told that I gave 2 keys to an unpaying customer and allowed them in the room. They showed a tape of me talking to a person who has frequented this hotel on NUMEROUS occasions as a paying guest. Because I was talking to him, they said I gave him the keys even though you never seen me make a key or give a key! They said because of that I gave the keys and they fired me. First thing I thought is that they wanted to fire me but was scared I would obtain unemployment so they came up with this story so I wouldnt be elgible. Well, it came out later that the other night auditor gave a key to the guy on accident and that I didnt. What did they do? Say I didnt give both keys only one. Well I was heated and went to the unemployment office. They told me that something wasnt right with the situation and that unless I get a lawyer there wasnt much I could do, but they recommended I file for unemployment. I did just that. They tried to appeal my unemployment but the NC Employment Security Commission found that I was eligible and that I was not terminated due to fault of my own. During the hearing process the owner blatently lied about the events and all the information that they said was evidence against me, which would have exonerated me turned up missing. The videotape was mysteriously damaged even though during the hearing we adjourned because the owner said she could produce the tape only to wait a month later and have them say it got “damaged””. They didnt do a timestamp to see what time the key was made to see if I was even on shift when the key was made. They did not follow policy and fired me over something I did not do. Its not just employees it is also consumers. They have a $100 local deposit fee which they charge only for people who look like trouble. So if you are black

young you can expect to pay $100deposit. If you are white

dont worry about it. The new owners of this company are trying to make up where they lost money by ripping off employees and consumers. Be cautious when you stay there. nTatjananElizabeth City

North CarolinaU.S.A.”

848 Halstead Blvd Elizabeth City, North Carolina U.S.A.

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