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Complaint: I am a man of 3 children now and I have fought the wayne county FOC for 16 yrs now spending every dime that the FOC didnt garnish from my checks, I had a finger pointed at me at 18 yrs old from a woman I had never had sex with. Everyone always looked at me as a liar and a deadbeat dad, I was jailed multible times, lost dozen homes and jobs, while she lived as a welfare woman on lake front property. I would have to borrow money from my parants to get a lawyer then on my court date she never showed for 21 dates, on my 22 I missed with a phone call 2 days before due to my health and was awarded a default judgment and arrearages to my case, again yrs of jail/lawyers/garnishments/and her no shows I retained a lawyer to make her show or go to jail. 99.9 PERCENT NOT THE FATHER. as I always knew, but the foc saw fit to preserve the arrearages, and as I am up to date on my payments that judge oxholm issued the foc suspends my license I have even after my dna test and the order that no more further actions can be taken against me. I have lost my entire career life due to the foc, I have exhausted my parants retirement funds, my children have lost homes and never had a life they deserve and I have never been able to say a word before a judge while this woman can say anything and everything and demand money on the spot, I had a magistrate throw a penny on a table and told me thats what my life is worth. What about my kids and who is this woman in with to make me the dead beat to her kid thats not mine,WHY IS THIS MY BILL,WHY DID I PAY TENS OF THOUSANDS ON LAWYERS/BLOOD TEST/ for what since it didnt mean a dam thing. I try to report to the news or any organization for help but I am left to die.the foc know how to keep you broke so you cant fight them and every 4 months they throw me in jail and my family lose another home and more of there life. this time I dont have the 3000 retainer that a lawyer demands to keep me out of jail, WHILE EACH AND EVERY PERSON AT THE FOC WASTE TIME TALKING /JOKING/TALKING ON THE PHONE, is that our family law or is that organized crime. Anthony taylor michigan

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Address: colman a young building Internet, Michigan United States of America

Website: mi,foc.com/

Phone: 313-224-5300

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