Michelle’s Furniture Warehouse Review


Michelle’s Furniture Warehouse Store | Antonio Alvarez (Tony) is an extremely professional scam artist. This owner/manager uses this store front located within the Anaheim Indoor Swap meet, space B-20 as a front in order to steal, scam, con, hard working first generation Latino families. Families of whom do not speak English and place their trust in buying from a store located within the Latino Oriented indoor swap meet. Tony uses this as his tool to rip off many people by up charging cheap furniture purchased through a catalog named poundex. Tony charges an extremely high cost for extremely cheap made furniture that is prefab, in a box shipped from China. | Tony is aggressive in his sales tactics, will lie and say anything in order to make the sale. That includes a promise for delivery free of charge and later renege. Tony will try to steal your money by either selling items or refusing to issue a refund. Refunds are not granted even after the store’s own incompetence demonstrates they have broken the promise made verbally or on their own receipt. The store generally do not have items in store as they have no space, nor said items on the catalog until after you purchase and Tony orders it from the poundex store located in City of Industry. This creates an issue with ordering, receiving items not exactly what you ordered from catalog, and Tony refusing to refund your money and later trying to sell you like items at a higher cost in order to keep the deposited money and making extra on the like items after the fact. Tony will bait n switch you all day long, he is extremely creative with his con artist tactics. | Tony is rude, unprofessional, aggressive, curses at customers, when the customer is right. Tony tries to play the victim role to the customer and state the customer is being to demanding when they expect the store to act professionally and uphold the sale as promised. Tony prefers to sell to first generation Latin families because he regards them as easy targets/prey due to their lack of knowledge or credit at conventional furniture stores. Tony tries to use the whole Latin Spanish speaking role in order to fool older hard working Latin families to buy, end up overpaying in the famous Tony “Lay Away Plan.” This plan is designed to steal their hard working money and Tony will refuse refunds. | Stay Away From this store, Antonio Alvarez (Tony) is unethical, he will try to steal your/parents money. | Tony stole close to $300 from me, this was a major mistake made on my part. Lesson learned. I am now trying to help you all not to make the same mistake, stay away from this fraud!


  • Name: Michelle’s Furniture Warehouse
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Anaheim
  • Address: 1440 S Anaheim Blvd
  • Phone: 714-322-1615
  • Website:

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