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This was my employee of over 3 years.She missed many days of work with the excuse that she had mental issues and needed to get her meds right. || She started sleeping with my husband IN our restaurant. She approached my children and said disgusting things to them and also had her sister do the same. She and her 17 year old sister bullied the younger female employees until they quit or had my husband fire them. Then her and my husband of 22 years together!!!! frauded UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION to get her more money while she collected from UC!! || Then she became pregnant…….(and posted all over Facebook how she does not believe in alimony).my husband says she blackmailed him for 6 months to keep her job, while he told me not to go into work….”take some time off because you worked so hard for so long and its a feather in my cap to have my wife not have to work!” || I kicked him out. He changed all names on restaurant, has given me and the kids no support for 12 months and went to court this week and said he doesn’t work and hasn’t for 5 years! So I will not receive any support. || It is disgusting! Court is taking forever, so now husband has nowhere to go, so low and behold he moved in with her! There is no worse excuse for a woman who does this to another women who she sees as more successful, so this is her way to”get her back.?” My kids are just reeling and humiliated. || It is a horrible world when you can’t find anyone to love or love you so you break up a family and hurt children so badly, because it is how you were raised.

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By Ronald

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