Michelle Orozco (Meeka) Fresno, California California


When my boyfriend and I got a new apartment together the neighbor next door was real nice. She started texting and calling my boyfriend for random things a lot. When I told him I was uncomfortable with this he said it would stop. When I realized it wasn’t stopping I went next door banged on the door and told her if she needed something to get ahold of me not him. She was very compliant and understood. At this point I knew my boyfriend was up to something that I didn’t know what exactly. Shortly after I even sent her an apologetic text saying I was sorry if I came off crazy. She proceeded to tell me how everybody knows she’s a lesbian and I shouldn’t be like that. She told all the neighbors house she’s just trying to be my homegirl and I tripped. I walked around with my head down to because I was embarrassed of the way I behaved. || Long story short and some spyware later guess what? Real good homegirl. So all you fresno women, be careful of the boyfriend stealing a lesbian that lives in #(removed).

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By Ronald

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