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I have been with my husband for 7yrs and we have four children. My husband is a tattoo artist. Michelle Nelson came to my husband’s shop with her daughter to get a tattoo. About three months later she decided to start emailing him. My husband was emailing back. My husband said they were e-mailing each other like friends. Then Michelle Nelson decided she wanted to start emailing naked pictures of herself to him and asking him to have sex with her. My husband admitted he got caught up in the moment and was emailing sexual stuff back but he did not send pictures of himself to her. My husband admitted she begged and begged him to sleep with her but he didn’t do it because he chickened out and he loves me. One night she emailed him and I saw it so I emailed her back and she lied to me and claimed she sent it to the wrong person but I’m not that stupid. So after going through my husband’s emails I found everything. When I confronted him he fessed up right away and admitted he was wrong and he got caught up in the moment and he’s very sorry and loves me. He emailed her in front of me and told her he screwed up and he didn’t want anything to do with her it was just word’s and he loves me and doesn’t want to lose me or hurt me again. || Since he has ended it she will not respond to my emails or Facebook messages but she has tried asking him to keep messaging her. He refuses to respond to her and has been telling me about it. Yes my husband was very wrong for what he did and he’s realized how bad he hurt me and he’s trying his hardest to make things right between us. This is the first time he’s ever done this and he is to blame for messaging her back and trust me he’s paying for it but Michelle Nelson also needs to pay for what she did. She knew he were married and had kid’s but she didn’t care and even after he ended she still continues to try and sleep with my husband. I’ve asked her a thousand times why she keeps trying to steal my husband but she’s to chicken shit to answer me. She’s a 38yr old single mother of three and she needs to be exposed for the dirty whore she is and maybe she will learn to find her own man and leave mine alone.

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By Ronald

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