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I’m not going to start by saying my marriage was perfect, but I tried to be the best wife I could be. I have been with my husband for 6 years and have 2 kids together. My husband and I have our shares of ups and downs, like any other couple but nothing we haven’t been able to get through. Well out of the no where my husband starting acting distant, put a lock on his phone and was always texting. I got very suspicious and since the phone is under my name I looked through the phone bill. Sure enough there was a number that kept coming up every time I wasn’t around or every time he was”working.” I confronted him about it and he tried to deny it, but then he got caught up in his lies he had no choice but to come clean. He told me she meant nothing, and that she was just an easy piece of ass. That nobody at work had any respect for her because she was always letting men touch on her. He claims she was just an outlet to all that we were going through at the time. No excuse, he should have just came to me and told me how he was feeling. || Turns out this whore is married herself, she uses her fathers illness as an excuse to get close to men. He has no respect for herself or any other married man. My husband begged and plead, we eventually went to counseling and I made him find another job. He changed his phone number and blocked her on facebook. Well everything seemed to be going great and just a couple of days ago her number popped up on his phone bill again. I went to court and picked up the divorce papers. I’m done with this, I tried for the sake of our kids but he isn’t worth my tears or my kids. Women be careful, if your husband works with this nasty whore, at a Casino watch them. She has no shame. Oh yea, my best friend who works at the same place told me she was recently caught having another affair with her supervisor, yes another married man.

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