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Im 29 years old and I have a boyfriend whom I been with for almost four years. We have two beautiful kids together. He had recently found a new job making good money. We were both happy till I starting noticing changes in his attitude and his time off at work. His work schedule was never the same. He was still his sweet self but his time at work was always different. Till one day i unlocked his phone and see he has the web open in his phone with an email adress that I didn’t know he had. I went through it and look at the dates and found out he had been having an affair with a 34 year old married woman who has two young children. I did my research and this woman michelle helaire is the security guard at mclane warehouse. She knew about me and my kids but claimed he never told her about us but my kids car seats were always in his car. She would email him everyday even when he wouldn’t because being that he was in a relationship with me he didnt have time to do so. She gave it up to him in less than a month gabe him oral sex at work and sent him naked pictures. When i found out i confront it her through email because i had no other way of contacting her so I went off and she replied saying that we mexican woman take all their men(shes black). And i needed to go back to my toilete bowl country. || This woman thought she really had something with my boyfriend. She emailed him so fast saying”whats going on baby how this bitch get access to your email?” let me expalin first the email he had created to only email her had been deleted by him so he created another one that i would have acess too. And this woman told him how could he turn his back on her as if she was a single woman not caring that she was married she was more concerned that my boyfriend was ending it with her. She emails me on the daily. She got my boyfriend fired from his jib because he no longer want it to continue this affair with her. But during the time that this affair was going on she would wait long hours for him at starbucks so they would have sex. She knew about me and my kids didnt care one bit of what she was gonna do to my family. I did my research and this woman has a criminal record and is married to registered sex offender by the name of mario arturo joseph. She already has a messed up life and she dragged us along with her. How could she. She didnt care he had a family and children. But karma is beautiful she confided in this dog and thought he would never hurt her. But now im wondering how is she gonna explain having herpes to her husband ahaha hoes get treated like trash. He gave her the gift of giving. She did something to my relationship that will take a long time to be fixed but it will take her longer to heal. She is now still working at the same place emails me frequently to torture my mind not knowing i cam care less because she was a piece of trash that he entertained himself with they were both wrong and now he feels ashamed and hurt. This woman is sick because even i told her he gave her herpes he was still emailing him telling him she loves him. How can you love someone you barely even know. How can you love another man when your married to someone else.

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