Michelle Festa – Portland, Maine Maine


This is a story about this unstable crazy ass bitch / home wrecking trailer trash that was having sex with my husband and went as far as to forge legal court documents pretending to be my husband to get custody of my children to support their drug habits ..thank god the judge overturned ruling and gave me sole custody of my children..she lost all five of her kids to the state department due to excessive drug habits ..and she was going as far as sending harassing text messages to my children to the point we had to get police involved cuz she wouldn’t stop..watch out Mainers for this nut job ..shes originally from Lynn Massachusetts..she’s a a stalker and will try to destroy your marriage and family at all costs ..she would send threatening texts messages to my children…sexual inappropriate comments to them ..I’m surprised the cops didn’t prosecute her for terrorizing my kids..I hope nobody else falls victim to this mentally unstable whore..

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By Ronald

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