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This girl was friends with my fiance before I met him and they lost contact over the years. After getting back in contact with each other on Facebook and talking through messages on Facebook, phone calls and texts started between the 2 of them. I had no idea they were talking except for the couple messages I saw on Facebook. I checked his email one day and found an email from her to him that he had forgot to delete. She was telling him they had to keep their conversations clean the next day because her husband would be home and told him she loved him. After talking to my fiance I find out they had been talking for awhile, sending texts, emails, and photos back and forth. The relationship had gotten to the point of talking about meeting and telling each other I love you. The meeting never happened due to myself finding out and confronting both of them and letting her husband know what had been going on. After they had been caught she wanted to be my friend and all of us hang out together, needless to say that never happened. I found out from talking with this girl that the whole time this was going on she knew about me, she knew we lived together, and knew we were engaged. After all was said and done they were no longer friends. He unfriended her and blocked her on Facebook. He told her he wanted nothing to do with her. When he did that she started messaging me on Facebook and just tried to keep things going. My fiance and I were really trying to work through this but she just wouldn’t let it rest. She finally did give up after we had our phone numbers changed and she was blocked on both Facebook profiles but only for a couple months. 5 months before our wedding she just out of the blue emailed him saying she saw things were going good for us and she wished us luck. Ok, how did she know this? Why was she still keeping tabs on him? Is she still? I don’t know if she is still keeping tabs on him or not but I watch out for any kind of contact or attempted contact from her. From what I have heard this is not the only time she has done this. Watch out for her. She is in the area of Norwalk & Sandusky, Ohio.

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By Ronald

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