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This female thinks she is something! She thinks because she is a friend of his family that she can talk to him whenever and however she wishes. Since April, that I know of, she calls, texts and does everything she can to contact my husband even after I told her how i felt about it. She knows he is a married man yet she continues to call him pet names and now has went as far as to send nasty pictures to him. I am told by his family that that is how they play around and joke with each other. Well hell, do we all sit naked and have Sunday dinner together as well?! || We have been together for 16 and a half years and share 2 children. When I confronted her about this latest stunt she refused to respond to me but instead got his mother involved. We are in our mid/late 30s shes in her 40s, isn’t it time to grow up? So now I will expose her and let everyone see what she wanted my husband to see behind his wife’s back!!!!!

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By Ronald

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