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I thought that I was a happily married woman… I believed that I could trust my husband. This is the man who totally swept me off my feet. Then this wench decides to contact my husband via Facebook. Turns out that she was an ex at one point 18 years ago. I was totally lambasted when I accidently caught a message from her in his inbox. He had asked me to fix something on his Facebook page and didn’t know apparently that there was a message from”her” in his inbox. We talked and he promised he would not speak to her anymore. I contacted her and told her to leave my husband alone. It was apparent that he was a married man, but obviously she didn’t care. I am of the old school belief that when something is broken you fix it rather than throw it away. Due to the problems that arose due to her foolishness, we ended up separating and he went to stay with his daughter with the premise we would work on things. Turns out his daughter is just as jaded as they both are condoned the illicit behavior. Next thing you know they are seeing one another. I am not sure of the exact dates but I do know it happened in the last month or so. Last time I saw him he gave me the song and dance I love you, you are my wife. As well as its not you its me, that you are an amazing wife and I have always been proud to be your husband. He still contacts me regularly and has been trying to play both sides of the fence trying to have his cake and eat it too. I will never understand the need for a woman to want or chase after a married man. Before she contacted him we had no problems or so I thought. I am beyond devastated by the whole situation. I have been hit on many times and always state,”I’m a happily married woman,” I haven’t even so much looked at another man in that way in the last two years. I am the blonde in the pictures that I uploaded, a natural blonde at that. I know that looks aren’t everything but dammit she is just so old looking and fugly.

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By Ronald

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