Michelle Ann Fretheim – Cedar Rapids, Iowa Iowa


|| Stacy Hein had a beautiful wife that was Dr. Michelle was working at Starbucks as barista since she was 30 and at age 42 she still was barista at Starbucks and she was so jelouse about Stacy ‘s wife, Stacy and his wife were going to Barnes and Nobles regularly, Michelle homewrecker was working at Starbucks in Barnes and Nobles in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Then she deceived Stacy and offered him to sell her house to him as rent to own because Stacy’s financial situation was not good enough to buy a house in cash.Stacy’s wife went to trip to Dallas and when she was in Dallas, Michelle started relationship with Stacy and forced him to divorce his wife. She also tempted Stacy to make the divorce process very complicated that his wife will be bothered more. All becasue Michelle was older, less pretty and uneducated. There are also rumors that Michelle’s mother and grandmother are witches that casting spells continuously and they helped her to break this relationaship.

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By Ronald

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