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I am looking for others who have been scammed by Michelle Adams or Shelly Adams. She also uses other aliases but eventually comes around to telling you her real name which btw is still questionable. I have been ripped off for a fortune over several years as it seems many others have. She maintains at least two phones and uses them to hustle money either by doing readings or castings but also be-friending her subjects and “Borrowing” money that she eventually says was a gift to help her through a rough time with any one of 5 cancer surgeries or kidney transplant when in fact no hospital has any record of her being there. | She claims she had a 7 series BMW that she gave away but one of the claimants say online that she was scammed into giving her her car. I am happy to help foot the bill along with anyone who has similar experiences with Michelle and lock her up. She put my family and I in very bad place financially with the assistance we gave her. On a restless night i googled her and put the word scam and multiple results were revealed. I was shocked but finally glad to know the real truth. I dont know how one gets back to you on this site but if you would post something maybe there is a secure way to do so.


  • Name: Michelle Adams
  • Country: United States
  • State: Alabama
  • City:
  • Address:
  • Phone: 347-813-9050
  • Website:

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