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Complaint: I received an email from Michelin Joness of Cameron Real Estate stating that they seen my resume on a gov’t website. This was for the position of Online Service Manager. They gave a brief description of the job and salary is $1400 per week. I noticed the first red flag at the bottom where it states that you must be able to work in the Territory of Canada. They do have a website, but it is limited info. Their contact info has spelling errors and ph# isn’t in the US/Canadian format. Their contact info is Adress: 53, Cranridge HTS SE, Calgary, AB, T3M 0E7 E-MAIL: [email protected] Phone: +1 (587) 601-02-89. I did a search on the address. It does exist but it is a residential address. I noticed that just a couple weeks ago there was a similar email sent to someone else but the company is Desmo Real Estate. The website for Desmo Real Estate has now been suspended from the Russian website hosting company it was using. Maria Burnaby, BC

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Address: Adress: 53, Cranridge HTS SE Internet USA

Website: cameronab.com/

Phone: (587) 601-02-89

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