Michele Anne Rabinowitz – Lake Worth, Florida Florida


While I was recoveringin the time after from just giving birth my SO started a new job. The office secretary that does all the personnel paper work and signed and notarized my daughters paternity papers started coming on to my bf. They had a 3 moth affair behind my back sex in his truck in oarking lots by dumpsters texting sexting pics and videos back and forth sneaking calls and secret meet ups. Michele had a live in bf as well. I caught them. I saw pics of her mudflaps and i love yous etc. She said she knew all about me and my baby didnt care what she was doing to me. We are not technically married so she says she did nothing wrong. And she said thats not my f-ing kid i dont care about it. She is now stalking us because he chose his family.

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By Ronald

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