Michael’s Expert Auto Service Review


DO NOT bring your car here for service. They were to perform what Chris the manager claimed, a simple service that even could be done by Auto Zone employees who have no mechanic training. I brought my car in for service due to a loud screeching noise. They replaced the drive belt. | One month later the screeching noise returned, I brought the vehicle to my usual mechanic, and it turned out Michael’s Auto installed a drive belt that was 1 inch smaller in length than the VIN# factory specified belt for my vehicle. | I brought the belt back to Michael’s Auto to show them the premature wear and tear, explained that it was the wrong size and requested a refund. I received a ridiculously long, arrogant, rude rant from Chris the manager disputing the belt size and subsequently a week long extensive effort by Chris the manager to cover up the mistake by blatantly lying, purchasing different belts, and staging them for photos. | I confirmed with Michael’s Auto parts distributor, the belt size (which is also shown on the belt) of the belt that he installed in addition to confirming with several of the car’s manufacturer’s distributors the correct size belt appropriate for my car. After much aggravating effort on my part to prove their mistake, they finally agreed to refund the money. Still never admitted to their mistake even though the evidence clearly demonstrated such and continued to slander their competitor who went above and beyond and fixed their botched work. Slandering the competitor is a cheap, weak action taken by those who are not competent enough to prove themselves through their own work. | It’s not as much about the mistake, as it is about the extent to which Chris the manager went to cover up the mistake. Speaks volumes about the lack of integrity. LYING and EXPLOITING a customer is never acceptable.


  • Name: Michael’s Expert Auto Service
  • Country: United States
  • State: New Jersey
  • City: Neptune
  • Address: 51 W Sylvania Ave
  • Phone: 732-774-0004
  • Website:

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