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Complaint: After I told Mike Wilson I was pregnant, he was not able to be found. After 5 years of no one helping me (child support agencies made me pay for the location service) I found him online via Facebook. I told them, him and his wife that I wasn’t necessarily looking for money. I wanted him to have a relationship with his father. I didn’t have that with my biological father. We met and my son was very hesitant. He did not want to go and visit his father in Charleston, but I told him he had to. He’s a mama’s boy so he just didn’t want to leave his mama. The first visit away was ok. I said he had to be home Sunday by 6pm. Well they were late bringing him home. The second time they were supposed to pick him up from school at 4. They didn’t show up until 6 about the time daycare was closing. He was very disappointed. He wanted to “show off”” his dad. He had been telling the kids his father was killed in a car accident…..vivid imagination. For that same visit I met them 1/2 way and they were an hour late bringing him back. He also had a look on his face and told me he never wanted to go back. He never told me why. He just said ‘you will get mad.’ The third visit

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Address: they had some excuse as to why they couldn’t bring him home. Ok

Website: but it never came. Well

Phone: I went to get him. Whatever. We had an agreement that they would keep my son during spring break. They were excited. In the meantime I had asked for some money. Nothing much

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