Michael R. Seidner, MD, CPI Lansdale Pennsylvania


Complaint: I am a woman in my mid 30’s and a resident of Lansdale, PA and made a terrible mistake of trusting the judgement of Dr. Michael Seidner. I do not wish to give out my medical history in public but just want to warn any future patients to never trust him with your health or anyone you care about. I have nothing to gain from slandering him or his staff as I have not dealt with any other doctors in his office. But I know of atleast 2 other women who was suffering from the same medical condition and got the wrong medication. When I went to a specialist after suffering for a year and in much worse condition, I was told that I was prescribed complete opposite medication of what I should have been taking. I am lucky I am still alive. I was going to file a lawsuit but my financial conditions do not allow that and the time it takes to persue. I am aware of making a quick buck from getting a lot of money thru a medical malpractive lawyer who work on commission but I do not wish to go that route. I hope this man stops prescribing medications which he has no business prescribing and playing with lives of his patients who trust doctors like him blindly. I went on to do some research on his background on a Federal Govt’s website and found the kickbacks he has been getting from Drug and Pharma companies. Here is the link to it so you can see it for yourself openpaymentsdata.cms.gov/physician/82778 Bravo Dr. Seidner Bravo ! $17,092.50 Total Research Payments I really hope you have put this blood stained money to some really good use. Please make sure you do not take your wife and kids to a doctor like yourself.

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Address: 326 N. Broad Street Lansdale, Pennsylvania USA

Website: www.greenandseidner.com/doctors/michael-r-seidner-md-cpi


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