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Complaint: Do not trust Michael Norton a businessman or consultant or whatever he calls him self that is located in San Diego. I was referred to him by a friend of mine and I regret that I took her advice. Michael or Mike or whatever he wants to be called is no expert I would know. I had a simple problem and contacted him. During our first phone call he seemed very distant and condescending type to me but because o fmy friends recommendation I hired him. I told him that I needed my issues handed quickly and he told me it would not take a long time. After a week I called him and the call went to voicemail. The next day I called at a normal time and he answeerd the call from a noisy location like a bar and sounded drunk and was very rude to me. I told him that we had a deal and tha t I wanted my work done as soon as possible and he said that he would get it done when he got it done and that was how these things work. He then hung up on me rudely. Weeks and weeks later he finally got my work done. I was not happy with the time it took to do the wor k but paid him. Days later I find tha t the work is not right. I then have to hire someone to do the same work again. The second guy told me tha t the work was even more expensive because of Mike or Michael’s mistakes. When I call him to ask for a refund or to comment on this he never returns my calls. Do not make my mistake do not hire Michale unless you want to pay for work twice. I now think and know he is probably a drunk who does not do work right. Now you know. I called the authorities about this and if you have bad experience you shoudl too.

Tags: Computer Fraud

Address: Internet USA


Phone: 858-205-2380

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By Ronald

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