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Complaint: I had purchased a townhouse in Palm harbor, when I walked through I had noticed that there was a bubble in the half bath in front of the toilet, there was a rug over it. I agent was contacting the seller to find out about it, mean time I had an inspection from VA and they checked for me, they checked between the separation with a device that detects water and it came back dry. The seller told our agent that his mother over flowed the toilet and that is why the floor was a bit raised. Little did I know, the problem became worse as the went on and we couldn’t figure out why. Just recently we had a repair person come by to check the toilet, the wax ring was destroyed but more importantly the housing that connects to the pipe in the ground was cracked and the owners put in a another on top with hopes that would stop the leak, the addition caused the toilet to be raised about a half inch higher off the floor so the owner put hard wood flooring in so the toilet did not rock. We did not find this out for some time as we never used the half bath and only flushed when we cleaned. The owner and his son knew this and lied to make the sale and the son is a realtor himself. So buyer beware, do not trust little old ladies, trust your instincts and go with your gut.

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