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Complaint: Regarding Michael K. Orgera – I CAUTION ALL FUTURE EMPLOYERS, HR MANAGERS, OR ANY COMPANIES TO HIRE MICHAEL K. ORGERA OF NORTH BRUNSWICK, NEW JERSEY!! Michael came to work for us as a sales account executive. Michael is a walking disaster! We spent nearly $100,000 dollars and we never saw a dime in return! Bottom line, Michael did not close a single deal when he was working with us! WE RECEIVED $0 OF REVENUE FROM MICHAEL ORGERA OF NORTH BRUNSWICK, NEW JERSEY!! I strongly caution all future employers, all future human resource managers, and all future companies who are looking to hire/work with Michael K. Orgera of North Brunswick, New Jersey. He is not a good person and he will steal money from your business. Do an extremely thorough due diligence and background check on Michael and be very careful or you (like our company) will have your money stolen on empty promises that are never realized.

Tags: Sales People

Address: 17 Bristol Drive North Brunswick, New Jersey United States of America



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