Miami Car Credit – Sells Damaged Cars

I bought a used car fro this place but they did not expose all of the vehicle’s records to me. I knew I wanted the car, and I think they knew that. They rushed me through the process and test drive. The seemed to drive fine to me, minus a delay in the air conditioning and the wheel wiggled a little. I asked the salesman about it, but he said that all their cars do that on the road that we test drove on. He blamed it on the pavement. Either he did not really know the problem with it, or he was trying to hide it. | Their financing system was very easy and fast. I expected to be there most of my night, but I was in and out in 3 hours. That was definitely to their advantage. I had to take the car to a mechanic after just three days of driving the car off the lot. There was a problem with the power steering and the rotors. It was the reason that the wheel was shaking. This sleazy salesman knew that the car had issues. There is nothing I can do about it either with the paperwork that I signed.

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