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My story starts 8/8/2013, I was in the hospital giving birth to my second daughter. She was our”surprise” baby. I had many complications with our first daughter 8 years earlier, so we had come to terms that we would never have anymore children. It was such an awesome and exciting time in our lives to be blessed with our little angel. The first time I ever met”the homewrecker” was on this day. She was my labor and delivery nurse at Ogden regional hospital. She was flirtatious with my husband, but I didn’t think much of it because all my focus was on my new bundle of joy. || Fast forward about a month or two, my husband was at a tire shop getting some repairs on our vehicle. Mia Walton Tesch happened to be there with her 2 little boys. I remember my husband coming home and telling me about it because later on that night she looked him up and friended him on Facebook. He and I both thought it was a little bizarre, but I didn’t think much of it. Unbeknownst to me she got his number off of Facebook and started texting him. This was the start of their affair. I happened to have his phone in my hand a few weeks ago when she started texting. I pretend to be him because every red flag was going off in my head that something wasn’t right. I finally told her she was actually talking to his wife and she went off on me. || I guess I’m in shock, I blame my husband 100% for the affair, but for her to be so rude just really pissed me off. I dug a little deeper in my husband’s phone and found numerous sexual texts between the two also some saggy tit and stretched vagina pics that she sent him. (side note: I need bleach for my eyes after seeing her saggy tits and stretched vaginal canal). I confronted my husband and he denied it all at first, but hey when you got proof he finally had to admit to it. || I am leaving my husband (just an FYI). I just wanted to warn women in Utah to beware of her, she is on the hunt for new dad’s.

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By Ronald

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