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Preston Schmidt, AMP. Mortgage Agent at MHC Mortgage Services M08003906 is a scammer operating out of Southern Ontario. Preston Schmidt has taken money from a friend of mine for a year. The money was allegedly for an appraisal, Phase I, Title Search, etc. Once I got involved (and I am in commercial real estate), Preston Schmidt could not and would not produce any of the documents my friend paid for, much less the name or number of a lender. He would only send “commitments” from lender – oh, that lacked the lender’s contact information. The mortgage commitments were fabricated. I also made this idiot Preston Schmidt send a $3,00.00 refund (which took a month), and, as expected, the cheque was was NSF. I can go on and on. I encouraged my friend to file a complaint with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario ( FSCO ) and he was told by FSCO that their jurisdiction is limited to licensing, not fraud or business practices and that his only recourse is to sue in the civil courts. | Legal fees and the nuisance of attending in court would far exceed the $3,000.00 If you have come across Preston Schmidt, reply to this thread. I would love to know what you know about this idiot scammer Preston Schmidt.


  • Name: Mhc Mortgage Svc
  • Country: Canada
  • State:
  • City: Stoney Creek, Ontario
  • Address: 860 Queenston Rd
  • Phone: 905-309-3339
  • Website:

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