Metro Gorcery Store Toronto Ontario Review


The service at the Deli at this store was absolute hell. At 8:30AM I approached the Deli counter, lady working behind the counter seemed preoccupied, was not terribly interested in helping me.nAfter about 5 minutes she finally came to the front counter and asked me what I wanted. I asked her to weigh a block of deli sliced turkey for me, I wanted to purchase the entire block of precooked turkey breast.nShe began to put on some gloves and I asked her if she would be able to slice it for me if I purchased it there, she shook her head no. I asked why she could not slice it on their machine if I purchased the entire block. She stopped and pointed out rudely that she was putting on some gloves. I said I was only asking a question which had nothing to do with weighing the product.nShe responded incredulously that she could not think and began to escalate her attitude. Saying that she could only do one thing at a time. I reiterated that I was only asking a question, I was becoming upset at this persons attitude.nShe held up her hands to show me she was putting on her gloves. She then said, do you see what I’m doing? Can’t you see I’m doing something.nAt that point I was very upset, so in order to avoid further aggravation I said, ok forget it, I’m not shopping here anymore. As I began rolling my groceries away from the deli counter she had the gall to say, “Fine

makes no difference to me because it doesn’t matter.””nThere was no one else at the counter and the store was fairly empty

I was the only person in the deli area. I was polite from the beginning only to be greeted by someone who became rude and disrespectful.nI immediately left the store

I was upset and angry. I opted for (((competitor’s name redacted))) at the old Maple Leaf gardens instead. (((redacted))) service was excellent

the staff were friendly and helpful. The deli counter staff at (((redacted))) was more than happy to assist me and answer my questions without an attitude.nIf I’m going to spend $100.00 or more for groceries the last thing I need is an intolerant and rude persons attitude when I ask a very basic and simple question that requires little to no thought.nAll I wanted to know was if she could slice the block of meat for me if I purchased the entire block

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