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Gosh! Why am I surprized that Meridian Marketing Group would rip me off when I finished working for them? They rip off their customers all of the time selling them timeshare trips which cost only the paper that they send to the customer and the customer pays $800! For this money, customers receive “travel vouchers”” and it is difficult to make a reservation because the department in charge of actually making the reservation

takes a long time calling the client back. It is high pressure sales! The reps are told to “”keep them on the phone”” “”back them into the corner”” and the owner is nasty and irritable until someone is “”on the board”” with a sale for the day. Patty Anderson claims to run a good office

but she can be mean


and simply put a real _itch! nThey took my pay that was due to me the very last week that I worked there and told me that there were chargebacks. Well

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By Ronald

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