Merchant Tire & Auto Centers Jamestown North Carolina


Complaint: Worse service and experience I’ve had. My wife and I have been here a few times now. They don’t perform the services you pay them for and are good at finding new excuses. So you pay them to do something and apparently they want to take your money and not perform the services contracted. I intentionally marked my tires to see if they do in fact do the rotation. They never do and I have to wait another 30+ minutes when I pick my car up to make them do the rotation. Had my truck run suddenly run low on oil only 4-8 weeks after paying them for an oil change- which I it appears they either didn’t do at all- or only put a quart of oil in and reset my oil change monitor. This morning we drop my wife’s car off at 9am and after I call to make sure it will be ready (they promised it would be ready at 3:30)- car hasn’t been touched. What a waste of our time. They offered to change the oil for free. After this many issues, I told them I’d rather pay more for someone else to do it. After multiple visits and chances I’ve given them to do a good job, it’s clearly not part of their business model. This location operates under very poor management. They bank on the fact that most people won’t in fact check to see if they do the work you pay them to do. Word of advice to Merchant’s Corporate – clean house and get a reliable and honest team in place at this location. Based on all the poor reviews and complaints you have, you have a pretty serious problem.

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Address: 4845 West Wendover Avenue Jamestown, North Carolina United States of America


Phone: (336) 854-3030

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