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This girl is a home wrecker! She knew the man was married with three children! And she slithered her way in. The wife confronted her and she claimed they were just friends and coworkers. Being as she is 19 she said it would be gross to be with the husband who is 32. Well the wife found out she flat out lied to her. When the wife flipped out on the husband this girl decided to put a ppo on the wife. (Everything in it was a lie) To try to make is so she could not talk to her husband. Well it didn’t work. The wife talks to the husband daily and he continues to go home to see his wife! All of this is a game to this little girl. She had turned this family’s whole world upside down also went as far as to call CPS on the wife! Now I am sorry but you do not mess with someone’s kids! This girl is still a kid herself! She thinks she’s winning because the husband still isn’t back home, but let’s be honest here, if he was divorcing her he would have already! The wife has showed this girl text messages from her husband saying he loves her and he will spend his life with her no matter what. And this girl will not back off! She needs to stay away from this family! Ladies if your man shows a little bit of a problem in your relationship she will try to end it and take over herself!

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By Ronald

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