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Mine was the same experience as that of others: you find somebody on Craigslist advertising an iPhone for cheap; he tells you he sold it but to go look at because it’s “cheaper than Amazon;”” you do because you want a deal; the site charges a “”membership fee”” of $30 which you pay because it’s still a deal even with the fee; and that’s it. You can’t purchase off the site; the link merely gives you a convincing “”error message.”” You never get an email or any notification; he took your money and ran.The site has email addresses from which you’ll never get a response. The phone number is also a fax line. This guy poses as local on Craigslist. Beware! He can *say* he’s from anywhere.I would bet that’s his picture on the “”testimonials”” page

complete with smirk. Very slick. He got my money. Hope he’s happy!”

North Sioux City, South Dakota United States of America


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By Ronald

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