This individual is extremely dangerous. Do not approach her for any reason! She is an expert manipulator and a liar. She has border line personality disorder! She kidnapped my two twin sons in 2010 and disappeared. I found her in Oregon working as a stripper in 2012 but she has since disappeared again. This is her favorite trick. She plays a victim and comes off very sweet and innocent. Seductive. She looks for individuals who are established and married with a social group of friends. She will pick a target and engage their wife or husband. Using elaborate distortions and seeding rumors within a group of people offers her opportunities that she will exploit. This includes using sex, drugs, blackmail or combinations of the three. She will have sex with any person of any age that she thinks will make a good victim. Shes will make you fall for her and when shes does you will be broke before you know it and all of your friends will have turned against you and you will have no where and no body to turn to. Then before everyone figures her out she will disappear like a thief in the night. This happened to me and I have not seen my sons but a few times in 9 years. She is a meth and heroin addict. Has 2 drds. Could be using the ailias melody ashley. She will sleep with your children wife or husband. Cold blooded and calculated. Dangerous! Please do not attempt to “help” her as this is her hallmark baiting technique.

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By Ronald

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