Melodi McMillan – Ventura, California


This excuse of a woman pursued, had sexual relations with my fiancee and wanted a relationship well after he told her he was with someone. I agree, it takes two to tango and he is just as much at fault, but what kind of woman continues knowing the man she screwing has someone at home? […]

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Melodi McMillan – Ventura, California

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  • The only kind of people who seek to destroy others are jealous, envious, disgruntled, miserable and extremely toxic kind of people who fall prey to their own karma. A liar indeed made this defamatory and untrue post…. which has been rewritten to correct the even worse grammar and spelling errors.

    1. Why doesn’t the poster reveal their true identity if they’re willing to “speak the truth” that could cause another person to not be hired for a job etc.?

    2. Why doesn’t a website that hosts defamatory comments about people require a poster to use their verified real name?

    3. People who defame other people’s character, stalk, harass, cause property damage and or physical injury should be held accountable according to the law. And, websites that allow harassment of others should also be held fully accountable.

    I have personally known Ms. McMillan for over 30 years. We have always been confidants. I know of everyone she has dated and or been in a relationship with. She would never, ever be interested in unavailable / committed / married / engaged men. Not only does she have traditional morals when it comes to relationships, doesn’t need and has never used a man to be happy or pay her bills, and she has plenty of admirers that she can choose from and have to herself. Why in God’s name, would she be 1. Interested in high drama. 2. Interested in other people’s sloppy seconds… or sharing a,man. 3. Why would she risk so much including the respect of her child?

    I challenge the poster to receive $1,000 by doing all of the following:
    1. Revealing their legal name.
    2. Reveal their man’s name, whoever’s she is accused of dating or “sleeping with”.
    3. Reveal something that only “your man” could know, if he’s been intimate with Ms. McMillan.

    What is also revealing about this post is the date of “6 months” ago. That would be November of 2020. FYI… (drum roll please), Ms. McMillan was in horse riding and car accidents and has suffered spinal cord injury for the past several years. Prior to that, she was in a long term, monogamous relationship. She’s a 17 year late stage cancer survivor, has always volunteered in her community, and would never, ever harm a soul.

    I know for fact, this post was written,m originally on another website that doesn’t confirm identity of poster either. The post was rewritten, with same details but corrected for major grammatical and spelling errors.

    People, life is too short as it is. If you’re so pathetically miserable that you put energy into harming others, you should be held accountable and given a full psychiatric evaluation. This behavior is nuts!

By Ronald

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