Melissa Suman Price (Missy) Greenwood, Indiana Indiana


First off this homewrecker whines and cries about how her ex husband cheated on her, yet she’s just as bad. This slut is a co worker of my husband, KNOWING he was married with 2 beautiful girls she still pursued him and got him to have phone sex, WHILE myself and the girls were in the house! It was to the point he was asking her out, to meet up when the girls and I were out of town or acting like he was working. || Our marriage has had it’s up and downs but nothing like this. We are high school sweethearts, been thru job loss, house loss, loss of a child etc….and depression out the wazoo…yet instead of talking to me…he turned to the slut. I knew something was going on and I downloaded a program to get deleted text messages and thats when my world came crashing down. He’s done similar things before *that I know of* flirting with co workers, going out to eat, etc but not the nasty texting and phone sex. Im here more than willing to spice up our marriage, but I guess I wasn’t good enough anymore. I confronted him and her and they both swore it was phone sex only. It took some time but I tried to forgive…NOT forget…I told him if he had any contact with her again we were done. I even contacted the business. Not even a month later I found another text…and yet ANOTHER secret email account. I booted him. I let him back in because of the girls and our oldest one has been having seizures for a year and a half so Im trying. So far I’ve found nothing and things seem to be going ok. || I only pray it continues, for the girls the most. If I find one thing he is gone…. and for good! Thanks for listening…there’s so much more I can share..but I’m short on time

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