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On 1/27/2014, my husband said he”has been thinking a long time, wasn’t happy and wanted a divorce.” Our 7 year marriage has always had ups and downs, but never to this. He told me our marriage has been a sham and he wanted out. I said okay, if this is what you think you want, we will proceed. He assured me there was no one else, even though that voice in my head said that these do not sound like his words speaking- like they were rehearsed somehow.A few days later, he fell asleep as he has been”working a lot of hours lately”. He has always been a hard worker, I have never had issues in the past when I have shown up at work spontaneously-he was always really there so I believed him. This is Michigan plow season and he’s a mechanic-its par for the course. His phone vibrated on the bedside table at 2:30am-ish; I was actually just getting out of the shower as I never sleep well anyway. I thought I saw a quick flash of”Melissa” as I walked by; when I asked him in the morning, he just grumbled angrily about it being a”wrong number and he always gets those wrong numbers calling his phone”. Again later that next nite, I asked if there was someone else but he denied it and said he just wasn’t happy. OK fine; we’ll separate I said. We have two young daughters together, we agreed we need to be amicable.On 2/1/14, in the morning (I had fallen asleep in our daughters bed across from our bedroom the nite before) I heard him talking to someone and then switch over to the call waiting feature on the phone and say,”Hey, baby.” I sprung out of my daughter’s bed and walked across the hall and calmly sat on the master bed. He then said to the person on the phone,”I’m staring at my wife”. He said nothing else to this person yet still had the phone connection. He then proceeded to start to walk out of the room and I said- very sweetly I may add,”Is your work calling and you have to go in again?” He said to me so the other person on the phone could hear,”Why are you going to go all psycho and crazy if I have to go in?” I said”No, but I need to speak to whomever is on the line.” He refused and walked down the hall with the phone. I followed; we were all the way in the family room by now. I said two more times that I needed to speak to whomever he is talking to and again he refused. I then grabbed the phone out of his hand and started bolting across the room; I just wanted to see whose name was across the phone to confirm/deny my suspicions—and he tackled me!! For the phone!! I never did get to see because I couldn’t get the screen to light up because he has it all locked!! Seriously, this must be a HUGE secret. When he tackled me, my lip busted open on the carpet floor and I got rugburn on my elbow. I called the police because of past DV history between my ex and I as well as my current husband and me. Police told him to leave and cool down- claiming this was mutual aggression.This last month of February 2014, he has been sporadically staying”at his work on an air mattress in the back of a truck” as well as our house occasionally. Likely story, I know. My van broke down 2/4/2014. I couldn’t even check up in the middle of the nite, especially can’t leave with kids sleeping here. We have had intercourse since this divorce thing started. He promised there was no one else-BLAH BLAH BLAH!On 3/2/14, at 1 a.m. he told me to sit down and told me he was tired of lying, wanted the truth out and that he’s been seeing someone, sleeping with her and she makes him the happiest he’s ever been. I was numb. Because deep down I knew something/someone extra was there. Her name is Melissa-she has three children (which he has met already), she was engaged to another man but loves him now and she works and pays all her own bills. BTW, I quit my job last November because my son (his stepson) starting having health and behavior issues and he now feels me and my sons are”leaching off him”. Meanwhile I AM also here at home with OUR Preschool-age daughter to get her to and from school. I guess being a good Mommy isn’t enough anymore. Now I have to think personal STD’s?In a moment of stupidity, I told him,” I want her or her supposed fiance to call me” Well the bitch did that afternoon; she is really not brite. I said,”I still haven’t been served divorce papers yet, and you feel fine sleeping with a married man? Do you have these type morals around your children?” All she could say through this whole conversation was,”When people get separated, they can sleep with other people if they want.” She denied even having a fiance. And she has a picture on Facebook of the Bible as her favorite book yet she can’t keep her legs closed? Perhaps she can ask for forgiveness every Sunday and feel redeemed. At the end of the conversation I said,”I am not going to fight for him, you can have him, have a nice life together.” CLICK. || I thought this was the end. Nope. My phone rings three hours later, it’s her again. I don’t answer. My husband came home about half hour later and I said,”Please have your psycho home-wrecking whore not call me again. That’s crazy!” He didn’t believe me; I showed him my call log. He pulls out his phone and someone from her home called my phone at the EXACT time someone from her cell calls him-maybe she thought he and I were together or something! IDK His phone rings in his hand, and it’s her cell calling; he answers it in from of me this time and asks why she would call my phone from her home. She says she didn’t BLAH BLAH BLAH; I can hear all this. She hangs up with him; I call the home number right then and speak to ………….her FIANCE! The one she told me earlier in the day didn’t exist. He and I start talking and comparing notes on these two liars. According to her fiance, my husband is waiting until fiance leaves for work, parks truck down street and leaves his footprints in the snow as he sneaks away in the morning. Fiance could never catch who this person was. My husband is her other man! My husband is just looking at me from across the room as I find out all this, she calls back my husbands phone trying to do damage control. Oh, the irony. I think she thinks my hardworking husband is her meal-ticket. Well sorry honey because when I get done with this one, I will have the meal ticket in the form of alimony! Amicable my ass!

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