Melissa Rae Yakima, Washington Washington


Let me start off by saying this home wrecker has been trying to get my fiance to leave me since day one. She lives in Seattle, WA which is about 2 1/2 hours away from us and would drive down to see him at work. Asking if he would leave me to move to Seattle with her and start a family. And telling him she’s falling hard for him and loves him. Believe me when I say I hold my fiance just as accountable as this whore. || In May of 2014 during a rough time in our relationship this girl drives the 2 1/2 hours to give my fiance his”birthday” present. Apparently that was her body in the back of her car in the dog pound parking lot. CLASSY || And even after everything is said and done and she’s been told it was a mistake she still won’t give up. || Did I mention she’s also pregnant? Oh yes she is. BUT she won’t answer whose child it is. || Just would like to add that she is a fan of this website. Now she is a star.

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By Ronald

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