Melissa Inglis Moretz aka Melissa Shurts Illinois Illinois


My husband was a truck driver and had been going out on the road for awhile when he met this homewrecking whore. At the time, I was battling a deep depression because I wasn’t used to being alone all the time. I would cry myself to sleep at night because I missed him so much. I would have never thought he would do that to me. Here’s what happened. He was in Princeton, Illinois waiting to be dispatched and had come across her ad on Craigslist saying she was homeless, deaf and her husband abandoned her and stole her kids. She had said she needed somewhere to stay being the idiot that he is he responded to her ad and told her he was divorced and that she could stay with him in his semi. Well he picked her up the next day and they had sex almost as soon as he met her. (Which I found out while reading his messages) Anyway she stayed with him for a while a couple of weeks or so and then he came home. So lets fast forward to me finding out about her. I found her on his friends list on facebook a few days before he came home and didn’t know who she was so I looked her up and found pictures of his truck (inside and out) on her profile. when I questioned him he denied it of course! So I messaged her and told her I was his wife and that she didn’t know him like she thought she did. Well she never responded. Typical homewrecker! || Well when he got home I read through his messages between him and her and saw where he had told her he was in fact married and that he was home with me and that he wanted to stay with me. She wrote back in detail with what they had done together and had told him she loved him and wanted to be with him! This whore was begging him to leave me for her!! If that doesn’t spell homewrecker then I don’t know what does!! Shes a dirtyass whore that deserves to be shamed!!!

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