Melissa Denney – Yakima, Washington Washington


So it started off like this… I was away for 20 days and my boyfriend over two years ran into her at the casino (where she always is with her tricks and drugs) they started talking exchanged numbers because she told him she was selling drugs and would hook him up with some. (Yes, my boyfriend was using drugs at this time) My boyfriend then heard or made up some b.s. about me messing around on him which made him feel like he had the right to run off and do stupid crap… he ran off leaving me with no way to contact him while I was away for 21 days and worried sick. She asked him and his buddy to go along to Wild Horse Casino (not offering to take along any of her different day of the week dudes) of course because my man had 3000 and she jumped right on it. When I came home from being away I found out everything that went in and messaged her and called her and let her know she is not welcome to call or come over to our home and she is to leave him alone and lose his number. She continued to message and show up at the house and bug bug bug… my boyfriend even told me he would call her and let her know he wanted nothing to do with her, so I told him to do it, he did and she just started rambling on and he hung up on her and told her to kick rocks that he wanted nothing to do with her. She still wouldn’t take her thirsty ass somewhere else and mind her own damn self. She continued to message and call so he changed him number. Then she started messaging his moms number and calling her. Absolutely disgusting and completely disrespectful. She is a hoe, sells her self for heroin and meth and money for her major gambling problem. I thought this was all over a few weeks ago until my man went to the casino and what do you know the tramp is back to trying to find every way possible to get ahold of him. Even though she knows hes happy and wants nothing to do with her. She knows he is happily in a relationship and has been for over two years. Its hoes like these who have no respect for themselves and will do anything and everything for drugs and attention. Stay clear of this Yakima, Selah, Wapato, and Toppenish homewrecking sl*t shes worse than a stray cat in heat… you don’t even have to feed this one she just keeps wandering into homes she is not welcome in and backing her ass into taken men like she hasn’t been poked enough. She looks like a man and acts like a tramp. Keep your men safe cuz this ones more than willing to destroy a good happy home and family.

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By Ronald

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