Melissa batres Dallas, Texas Texas


Melissa Batres was an ex employee of my husband, like any married couple we went through hard times and unlike myself my husband began forming a very close connection with this female. When I was informed of infidelity I quickly confronted her and she let me know it was all rumors and that she wasn’t doing anything. I felt reassured until my husband finally told me the truth. Now this bitch is running away with her tail between her legs. Wont answer my calls, won’t answer my messages and she even blocked me from her and her husbands facebook in order for me not to inform her husband. || But guess what, just like I kicked my husband to the curve you should be exposed for your homewrecking ways. She and my ex-husband slept together twice, while she told him no one would find out. She would text me constantly and call him even after I made him transfer to a different location. She had the balls to even upload a picture of my child with her child at a mall. She told me she was religious and she loved her husband but apparently for any dick that walks her path she doesn’t think twice.

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By Ronald

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