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My husband of 2 years left me on a Saturday saying he needed to figure stuff out. We have two children together, 2 years and 8 months. Our anniversary is February 12, he left on the 7th. He started acting weird when Melinda started working with him in November, She is the one who took his virginity and I had a bad feeling about her from the beginning. On february 10th I found out he had moved in with her. He swears there is nothing going on between them and I started to believe him, then on our anniversary he says he wants a divorce because I don’t trust him. We started to work things out together while he was still there and still saying there’s nothing going on between them, they were just”room mates and he has his own room”. Well I still had a bad feeling about it so I logged on to his facebook one night while he was spending time with our daughters and found messages between them two. || We discussed divorce again and then decided to keep trying to work on us. I told him on Easter Sunday that he had to make his decision ME or HER, he said he chose me so I told him the only way we could even begin to work on us he had to move out of her house and either come back home or go to his grandma’s. He agreed to do it. Well then on Monday he started acting weird again and said we needed to talk when he got off work. He came over and said he wanted the divorce for sure and there would be no talking him out of it. I then seen on her facebook that she changed her status to in a relationship on monday. I love this man with all my heart and even after all he’s put me thru I would take him back in a heartbeat which I know is not good for me or my children. I just want to expose Melinda for what she is, which is a HOMEWRECKING BITCH.

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By Ronald

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